Meet the TEAM

Our high level of service is backed by a highly skilled Team

Senior Management

Darren Bell - Techno Group

Darren Bell


Peter Bell


Andrew Morison

Chief Technology Officer
Damien Croarken - Techno Group

Damien Croarken

head of network / voice / security

Key Personnel


Abegail Dichosa

Abs Mapait - Techno Group

Abs mapait

AJ Sankari - Techno Group

AJ Sankari


Ana Mae Adora


Archie Gonzales

Ashley Mcdowall - Techno Group

Ashley McDowall

Brodie Absolom - Techno Group

Brodie Absolom

Casey Tu'ikolovatu - Techno Group

Casey Tu'ikolovatu

Chris Buenaventura - Techno Group

chris buenavenTura

David Echegoyen - Techno Group

David Echegoyen

Erwin Cruz - Techno Group

Erwin Cruz


frederico villatema

Jason Cruz - Techno Group

Jason Cruz

Jason Young - Techno Group

jason (JJ) young

Joe Lombardo - Techno Group

joe lombardo


joey Murillo


Kevin Ponsones


louise mccallum


mark Java

Martin Yuson - Techno Group

martin yuson

Micaela Cadawas - Techno Group

Micaela Cadawas

Michael Catiis - Techno Group

michael catiis

Randy Palacio - Techno Group

Randy Palacio


reine buenaventura

Renz Anolin - Techno Group

Renz Anolin

Robert Lazaro - Techno Group

Robert Lazaro


Roi Simangan


ryan gonzales

Ruan Du Preez - Techno Group

Ruan Du Preez

Scott Stubberfield - Techno Group

Scott Stubberfield

Tey Lachica - Techno Group

Tey Lachica

Tony Du Preez - Techno Group

Tony Du preez

Trixia Turo - Techno Group

trixia Turo

Wayne Fuhrmeister - Techno Group

wayne fuhrmeister


Phone & Remote Helpdesk

Helpdesk Support provides you with quick and convenient assistance for the majority of computer issues. Our technicians will access your computer system over the internet or talk you through steps to correct your issue. Helpdesk Support is provided in 15 minute increments which helps reduce cost, as well as down time.

Onsite & Project

Whether you just need a technician to come onsite and fix that IT issue or it’s Project time and you want new equipment commissioned, our Onsite Support and tailored Project Services are here to assist. No call-out or travel charges, only a simple 1.5 hour minimum charge.

24x7 Client Portal Access

Lodge, update, and review both current and past jobs online at any time. Create your own reports and track our performance.