General Terms & Conditions

Last updated 15/02/2022

Techno Group of Companies

The following companies are included under the banner of the Techno Group:
  • Techno Phobia
  • Techno Hosting
  • Techno Net
  • Techno Digital
  • Techno Telco
  • Techno Phobia Australia
  • Techno Global Team
  • Techno Shop

Support Hours

  • Standard business day – Monday to Friday (excluding Victorian and National public holidays)
  • Standard business hours (Phone and Remote) – 8am to 8pm (AEST)
  • Standard business hours (Onsite) – 9am to 5:30pm (AEST)

Support Rates


  •   Minimum onsite charge is 1.5 hour (After hours, 2hr minimum applies)
  •   Minimum remote charge is 15min (After hours, 2hr minimum applies)


  •   Must be purchased and paid for prior to use, otherwise you will be charged casual rates
  •   Minimum purchase is 5 hours
  •   Unused hours will expire 12months from purchase date
  •   Minimum onsite charge is 1.5 hour (After hours, 2hour minimum applies)
  •   Minimum remote charge is 15min (After hours, 2hour minimum applies)
  •   Non-refundable

Billing Increments

  •   Onsite billing increment is per One (1) hour
  •   Remote billing increment is per Fifteen (15) minutes

Support Services

Business Hours

  • Jobs lodged by phone, portal and email will be allocated to a staff member within 1hr
  • Customers will recieve first contacted via phone or email within 2hrs of job lodgement unless otherwise arranged with the authorised contact
  • Work to start on Remote Jobs within 4 hours of lodgement unless otherwise arranged with the authorised contact

After Hours

  • Voice Mail, Email and Portal jobs will be allocated by 9am on the following business day
  • We will endeavor to return calls to the AH number within 2hrs


  • All prices quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST
  • All payments are to be made in Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • All monthly based services are invoiced in advanced

Weekly Special

  • All offers have limited stock available and customers are served on a first in basis.
  • Pricing and specifications are correct at the time of publishing and may change without notice.
  • All items are sold on a strictly COD term.
  • Additional charges will occur for shipping of goods to your chosen destination.
  • All products are sold on a non-return basis.
  • Images are for illustration purposes only.
  • Promotion terms and conditions may be changed or varied at any time without notice.
  • Techno Phobia reserves the right to terminate the promotion in whole or in part at any time without prior notice and without liability.
  • Errors and omissions are excluded.
  • All other trademarks, brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners.


  • All reasonable care, but no responsibility taken with clients equipment.
  • Techno Group waives all responsibility for goods accepted in for repair and reserves the right to dispose of uncollected items after a period of 3 months.

Freight Cost:

  • Freight both ways is at the expense of the customer.

Contract Start date:

  • The expected start date is shown on the form, however the actual start date of the contract will be from when the service is delivered live or 30 days from notification if the delay is a result of the customer.

Customer Data

  • Techno Group takes no responsibility for the loss of any data. It is the customer’s sole resonsibility to backup their data.
  • Should Techno Group be requested to perform an additional backup up of client’s data, it will only be held for a period of 7 days and then destroyed.

Warranty Policy


  • Techno Phobia reserves the right to determine if warranty is valid.
  • Freight both ways is at the expense of the customer when returning goods under warranty. It can of course be dropped and picked up from our workshop free of charge.
  • Goods must be returned in original or adequate packaging for transportation, failure to do so may void the warranty claim.

HP Specific

a) To the extent that HP is liable to the Customer under the Australian Consumer Law in relation to its goods or services not complying with a consumer guarantee, and the goods or services are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, HP’s liability to the Customer is limited as follows:

  1.  in connection with the provision of service: to any one or more of the following: re-supply of the services or payment of the costs of having the services re-supplied;
  2. in connection with the provision of products: to any one or more of the following: replacement of the products or the supply of equivalent products; repair of the goods; payment of the costs of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or payment of the costs of having the products repaired.

b) Subject to sub-section a. above and to the extent permitted by law, HP will not be liable to the Customer for lost revenues or profits, downtime costs, loss or damage to data or indirect, special or consequential costs or damages.

c) The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. sub-sections a. and b. above are for the benefit of HP;
  2. HP may enforce sub-sections a. and b. above directly against the Customer despite HP not being a party to this Customer contract; and
  3. HP will have no direct liability to the Customer under this Customer contract.

SPAM Policy

In this Policy, “Spam” includes one or more unsolicited commercial electronic messages to which the Spam Act 2003 applies, and derivations of the word “Spam” have corresponding meanings.

Codes of Practice

The Internet Industry Codes of Practice registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (“ACMA”) set out how internet service providers, such as Techno Group, and email service providers must address the sources of Spam within their own networks. They also requires internet service providers and email service providers to give end-users information about how to deal with Spam, and informed choice about their filtering options.

Suspension or Termination

This Policy prohibits you from using your Internet Service to send Spam. If you breach this prohibition, Techno Group may suspend or terminate your Internet Service. The circumstances in which we may do so are set out below.

Reducing Spam

You can reduce the amount of Spam you receive if you:

  • do not open emails from dubious sources;
  • do not reply to Spam or click on links, including ‘unsubscribe’ facilities, in Spam;
  • do not accept Spam-advertised offers;
  • block incoming mail from known Spammers;
  • do not post your email address on publicly available sites or directories.If you must do so, look for options, such as tick boxes, that allow you to opt out of receiving further offers or information.;
  • do not disclose your personal information to any online organisation unless they agree (in their terms and conditions or privacy policy) not to pass your information on to other parties;
  • use separate email addresses for different purposes, such as a personal email address for friends and family and a business email address for work;
  • install a Spam filter on your computer to filter or block Spam. We strongly recommend that you install a Spam filter on your computer, even if you receive a Spam filtering service from Techno Group. Information on the availability of anti-Spam software for end-users is available at the Internet Industry Association (IIA) website.
  • report any Spam you receive to Techno Group or the ACMA (see “Complaints” below); and
  • visit the “ACMA website” or “Fight SPAM on the Internet website” for more information on ways to reduce the volume of Spam you receive, including how to:
  • reduce Spam if you operate a website; and
  • avoid becoming an accidental Spammer.

Spam filtering for Techno Mail subscribers

If you subscribe to Techno Group’s Techno Mail we subject all email messages addressed to you to through our Spam filter.

Techno Group’s Spam filtering service makes use of SpamAssassin filtering technology. The application attempts to identify Spam using text analysis and several internet-based real time blacklists. Using a rule base, it uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to score the email. If the email scores 6 or more, the email will be delivered to you, but the subject line of the message will be changed to denote that the email has been classified as Spam.

Loss of legitimate email

SPAM filtering services are an effective means of reducing the amount of Spam you receive. However, they will not eliminate all Spam and there is a risk that legitimate email might occasionally be incorrectly classified as Spam and therefore lost.

Your Spam Obligations

You agree that you will use your Internet Service in compliance with the Spam Act 2003 and will not engage in practices which would result in a breach of the Act. In particular, you agree that you will not use, attempt to use or allow your Internet Service to be used to:

  • send, allow to be sent, or assist in the sending of Spam;
  • use or distribute any software designed to harvest email addresses;
  • host any device or service that allows email to be sent between third parties not under your authority or control; or
  • otherwise breach the Spam Act 2003 or the Spam Regulations 2004 of the Commonwealth, (your “Spam Obligations”).

You agree to use your reasonable best endeavours to secure any device or network within your control against being used in breach of your Spam Obligations by third parties, including where appropriate:

  • the installation and maintenance of antivirus software;
  • the installation and maintenance of firewall software; and
  • the application of operating system and application software patches and updates.

We may scan any IP address ranges allocated to you for your use with your Internet Service in order to detect the presence of open or otherwise misconfigured mail and proxy servers. If we detect open or misconfigured mail or proxy servers we may suspend or terminate your Internet Service.

Fair Use Policy


  1. Our Fair Use Policy applies to Services which are stated to be subject to the Fair Use Policy “Fair Use Services”.
  2. Our Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure: a. the availability of Our Services to all eligible Techno Group Customers; and b. that the Fair Use Services are not used in an unreasonable manner.
  3. We reserve the right to vary the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.
  4. We may rely on the Fair Use Policy where Your usage of the Fair Use Services is unreasonable, as defined below.
  5. Unless otherwise indicated, capitalised terms used in this Fair Use Policy have the meanings given to them in Our Agreement with You.

Unreasonable Use

  1. It is unreasonable use of a Fair Use Service where Your use of the service is reasonably considered by Techno Group to: a. be fraudulent; b. involve a non-ordinary use; c. cause significant network congestion, disruption or otherwise adversely affect the Techno Group network, a supplier’s network; or d. adversely affect another person’s use of or access to the Fair Use Services, the Techno Group network or a supplier’s network.

Without limitation:

a) Fraudulent use includes resupplying or reselling a Service without Techno Group’s written consent so that someone else may access, use or commercially exploit a Fair Use Service

b) Non-ordinary use includes circumstances where You make or receive calls and/or make use of the internet on Our network in any non-ordinary manner without obtaining Our written consent first, which consent We may give or withhold, or make subject to conditions, in Our discretion. Use in a non-ordinary manner includes:

i.  in the case of fixed line services:   a. usage for running a telemarketing business or call centre; and   b. usage with handsets, auto-dialler devices or software or other equipment that have not been approved by Us for use on Our Network;
ii.  in the case of mobile services, any use of a SIM in a SIM box, GSM gateway or any device that is used to automatically re-route calls;
iii. usage to menace, harass or injure any person or damage anything;
iv. usage in connection with an infringement or committing an offence against any law, standard or code; or
v.  any other activity which would not be reasonably regarded as ordinary use in relation to the Fair Use Service.

Our Rights

  1. If We reasonably consider Your use of the Fair Use Services is unreasonable, We may, at Our sole discretion, without telling You before We do so:
    a. suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) in accordance with Our Agreement with You; and/or
    b. terminate the Service in accordance with Our Agreement with You.
  2. This policy is supplementary to and does not limit any of Techno Group’s rights.

Early Termination & Cancellation Policy

(a)    If:

  • You terminate an Individual Service before the Initial Period expires (including as a result of Us not accommodating any request by You for a Service Modification or relocation of the Service); or
  • We terminate a Service in accordance with the Agreement for a breach by You (including termination for a breach of Techno Group’s Fair Use Policy), You will be liable to pay a Cancellation Charge calculated as the sum of:    i) the Monthly Recurring Charge multiplied by the number of months, or part thereof, between the date of termination and the end of the Initial Period; and
    ii) any rebates, credits, refunds or discounts (including but not limited to any waiver of port-in credits), provided to You in respect of the Service.

(b) You agree that the Cancellation Charge is a reasonable estimate of our likely financial loss if any Individual Service is terminated prior to the end of the Initial Period.


Phone & Remote Helpdesk

Helpdesk Support provides you with quick and convenient assistance for the majority of computer issues. Our technicians will access your computer system over the internet or talk you through steps to correct your issue. Helpdesk Support is provided in 15 minute increments which helps reduce cost, as well as down time.

Onsite & Project

Whether you just need a technician to come onsite and fix that IT issue or it’s Project time and you want new equipment commissioned, our Onsite Support and tailored Project Services are here to assist. No call-out or travel charges, only a simple 1.5 hour minimum charge.

24x7 Client Portal Access

Lodge, update, and review both current and past jobs online at any time. Create your own reports and track our performance.